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Instant Products Group believes that all incidents and accidents are preventable. Our goal is to be recognized as an organization that is an industry leader in its health and safety performance.

Instant Products Group will comply with all relevant OHS Legislation and other construction industry and Client specific requirements.


 Instant Products Group will achieve these objectives by;

  • Ensuring senior management are held responsible and accountable for health and safety.
  • Developing and maintaining a health and safety culture through close attention to construction methods, material and equipment, and by motivation and training of people, so that all employees do their utmost to follow safe work practices and are provided with an environment conducive to do so.
  • The provision of safe working conditions for all its employees and holding their safety and health in the highest regard.
  • Emphasizing to all employees the need to follow safe working practices and to rigidly observe safety rules.
  • Establishing measureable objectives and targets through our HSE Plan to ensure continued improvement.
  • Employing the necessary safety devices to ensure that no-one is needlessly exposed to injury in the delivery of our services.
  • Consulting with stakeholders to identify hazards and risks in all aspects of our operations and to accommodate these within safe construction parameters to prevent incidents and accidents.
  • Ensuring that all employees strive to their utmost, to prevent accidents and develop a spirit of health and safety consciousness.
  • Develop and maintain a rehabilitation program which places the needs of the injured employee and their family at the forefront, and which allows for the early return to work on restricted/alternative duties if required. 


The Managing Director of Instant Products Group shall ensure that all necessary resources and support will be available to ensure the successful application of this policy. This policy applies to all Instant Products Group employees, contractors and other personnel involved in activities pertaining to Instant Products Group‘s activities. 

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Instant Products Group and its member businesses are accredited to ISO 4801:2001 for the design, manufacture, assembly, hire, delivery and servicing of transportable buildings and portable sanitation products including portable toilets, portable showers, toilet blocks and ablutions. 

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