At Instant Products Group, our Environmental Policy summarises the essential elements of our commitment to protecting and minimising emissions to the environment that include:

  • Understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of identified interested parties when establishing S.M.A.R.T business objectives;
  • Fulfilling all relevant environmental compliance obligations;
  • Implementing environmentally-sustainable practices such as pollution prevention, waste minimisation, water and energy conservation, biodiversity and ecosystems preservation and resource use management;
  • Adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure that our environmental management system is continuously evolving, and one which is appropriate to the company’s context and purpose, and progressing in achieving and exceeding the established environmental objectives and targets; and
  • Encouraging engagement and promotion of environmental responsibilities and accountabilities amongst all employees and relevant interested parties through education, training, coaching, supervision and effective communication.


We are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources and we will ensure that the Environmental Policy is reviewed annually, understood by and communicated to all interested parties.

The Managing Director of Instant Products Group shall ensure that all necessary resources and support will be available to ensure the successful application and implementation of this policy.